We sold to a nice family from Mays Landing.  They will be enjoying the camper.  As you can see, we haven’t been able to use it as much as we would like… just happy that it will get used.  The only trip that wasn’t documented on this blog was our 2 week vacation to Maine last summer.  Not sure why we never posted, it was a fantastic trip… we enjoyed it so much, we are going back this year (renting a house this time).

As we pack up to move to the shore, it’s nice having these memories.  And it’s fantastic that we no longer need a camper to stay at the shore.

The year of seasonal camping ended with disappointment. We really didn’t like the campground; there we teenager issues. Some teens were out of control and the campground wasn’t doing anything about it.

We didn’t get along very well with the owner of the campground as well. Back to taking weekend trips and spending time at Lake Kandle. We are also hoping to take a long trip up to Maine next year as well.

After much back-and-forth on the topic, we have decided to go seasonal (at least for this season).  We will be setting up shop at Pine Haven Campground in Oceanview, NJ.  Pine Haven is a nice seasonal campground right outside of Sea Isle City down at the shore.  We got a really large corner site in the heart of the campground and we will be setting up later this month.  We will be able to take the camper on trips, but that probably won’t happen this year – all of our vacation money will be tied up in the seasonal.  I will post regularly on our trips; however, it won’t be as exciting as it has been the past couple of years.

On Thursday we made the trek up to Dingman’s Falls. First we tried a quick off-road bike ride. The bike ride went OK, Kathy’s beach cruiser wasn’t really meant for off-roading and the hills we a little much for the littler ones. The falls were nice and easy to get to.

We took the whole bunch to Bushkill Falls to hike the red trail — the most challenging trail at the falls. Surprisingly, we all made it with little whining. We were a little concerned about Daisy at times, but she persevered.

Matt spent the afternoon fishing, he caught a decent sized bass at one point.