July 28 — July 30

We spent two days at the Highmeadow Campground at Hershey Park. We had a wonderful time, Andrew brought his friend Aiden on the trip as part of his birthday celebration. We did the park preview on Friday night for two hours (just Andrew, Aiden and myself) and then we all went to the park all day Saturday. The campground was great, clean with a nice pool and the amusement park was fabulous. We liked it so much, we made our reservations for next year (we will be going for four days).

On the way to the park

Waiting for the shuttle

Maggie and Emily 

The campground

July 20 — July 23

This was an odd campground.  Not only was it out in the middle of NOWHERE,  it was laid out in unusual fashion.  The first spot they gave us, we could not figure out how to get into it and where all of the hookups were.  We asked to be moved, so the second spot they gave us was a little better (still had to buy a longer water hose), but quite uneven.  We arrived late, so we were setting up in the dark — I also had some problems, I forgot to set the chucks on the wheels and the camper started moving forward and almost came off the supports in the front.  They came by with the tractor and lifted us up so I could steady everything and then we were fine.  It then proceeded to rain for almost two straight days and we had numerous power outages.  It was interesting how they chose to fix the power issues.

How the power was fixed

Emily, Matt and Yogi Andrew and Matt playing basketball

Emily on the playground

It was Christmas in July weekend, so the kids at least got to spend some time visiting Santa.

Santa and the kids-2

Spring Gulch Campground (July 7-9)

We spent the weekend in New Holland at Spring Gulch Campground. It was quite a nice little place tucked in just off of 897 in New Holland. It was between 340 and 322 down a nice winding road. They had a nice pond with a little beach area, two pools and plenty of activities for the whole family. We stayed in the lower area (no cable but all other hookups)… which was pretty nice. The upper area is a little more secluded and has cable hookups, but it is a little more difficult to get to and you end up having to either drive the kids to all of the activities, or it’s a nice walk.  Mark, Sue and Devin stopped by and we spent some time at their lake.

The kids and Devin at the lake

The kids and Devin at the lake-2

We were right behind the miniature golf course so Matt had a really good time. The golf was a little torn up, but Matt still had a ball with it. The weather was really nice and we had quite a few campfires and a lot of together time.

The kids golfing

The camper is scheduled to go into the shop this coming weekend to have the sway control added and to fix up the LP Gas detector. I also want to ask them if they forgot to grease up the suspension or something. This thing really creaks while driving and moving around with it. The only other thing that we have questions about is the smell that permeates right after driving it around (obviously coming from the sewer system). It goes away quickly, but we are not sure if we should just continue to expect this or if there is something we can do about it.

Ocean City, MD (Frontier Town)

We packed up early on Thursday (the 29th) and started down to just outside of Ocean City Maryland. A fine little campground named Frontier Town. It’s quite a nice little campground. There is a waterpark just outside the main gate (free if you are a camper) and there is a nice miniature golf course there as well. There is plenty to do if the weather is bad, there are numerous arcades available.

The campground is about 5 miles from Ocean City, MD and we had a nice little walk on the boardwalk on Friday afternoon… we were all quite impressed. We are also about 5 miles from Assateague Island (where the wild ponies are).

Wild ponies

The journey down here on Thursday had its bumps. We ended up driving through a really bad thunderstorm which included hail. Emily was quite freaked out by the storm and started chanting that she wanted to go home. All was clear when we arrived, though, so we were able to set up camp without much issue. We pretty much spent the night just getting the lay of the land and figuring out where everything was.

Friday morning, we slowly headed out to the waterpark. It opens at 10:00 and we were there bright and early for the kids to play. The weather was perfect for a morning at the water park. We stayed there until about 12:30 and then we came back to have lunch.

Kathy and the kids at the waterpark

After lunch, we wanted to head up to Assoteague park to see some of the wildlife. We made it about 300 yards on the nature trail when I was overcome by biting bugs. I must have had about 20 bites on each leg and then some on my neck and arms. No one else was bothered as much, but it cut our stay there quite short.

We then wanted to check out Ocean City itself. We drove down and parked and took a short stroll on the boardwalk. We were all quite impressed with the city and the beaches and boardwalk. We will probably try to stop back there again tomorrow.

Sand sculptures in Ocean City

From there we came back to camp for dinner. After dinner, Matt and I went out for a quick game of miniature golf and some ice cream. It was nice and relaxing. We topped the evening off with a nice campfire and bedtime for a ll. Quite a fun-filled, tiring day. And we still have all day tomorrow!