August 19 to 26, 2006

We had a wonderful week in Ocean City.  We tried to get out of the weekly lease when we purchased the camper; however, there were too many limitations on the lease — we would have had to pay, but not go.  We decided to go and have fun.

On Monday the Mennellas and the Skinners came by and spent the day.  We all had quite a ball.

Kids by the flip-flops

The weather was pleasant the whole week, it was quite cool for most of the week — especially for the end of August.  We went to the boards practically every night and the kids did the rides and snacks.  Emily loved the rides, she just couldn’t get enough of the “Sizzler” (the Scrambler).  Andrew took her on that, the “Tilt-a-Whirl” and “Music Express”.

Emily on the boat ride

Matt really enjoys the beach, he loves playing in the sand and finding shells.  He could sit on the beach playing the whole week (only breaking to eat ice cream).

Matthew during a genuine laugh

While Andrew spent the week in trouble, he did have some moments of fun.

Matt and Andrew playing golf

Playing golf2

On the surrey-2

Emily had the pleasure of riding in the wagon on the boards… one night, she almost fell asleep while “riding” the boards.

 Emily lying down in the wagon

Memom and Pop-pop visited on Saturday through Sunday, we walked the boards and had fun.

My parents and the kids in Ocean City-2

The whole family on the boardwalk

The kids on the boardwalk-2

August 4 — August 6

Stayed at Mountain Vista Campground in the Poconos.  We were within 5 miles of Bushkill falls and other great Pocono attractions.  A wonderful campground tucked in the woods (with pull-through spots).  It was nice, cool and fun.

Emily at our campsite in the Poconos

Matt had such a great time on the hiking trail.  They had a map with punch-card stops along the way.  He was running from spot to spot to ensure that he had as many of the holes punched as possible.  He wanted to do the red trail, but Emily would not have been able to make it — I think Matt would have though.

Bushkill Falls Bushkill Falls from the bottom

Emily by the Falls 

Matt by the falls

Pennell Falls

The whole family by the falls With the Bushkill Falls bear