May 18 — 20, 2007 

We went camping for a second weekend in Cape May and just returned – we had another GREAT time!

The weather report was really gloomy, but we ended up having beautiful weather anyway.

We stopped at the beach at Cape May Point again – it was an interesting day at the beach. There was a wedding right behind where we were sitting:

And there was also a large youth group meeting on the beach at the same time:

In fact, Andrew took the dog for a walk and Daisy was quite the ‘chick magnet’ for him with the youth group girls:

Who can resist a cute puppy (and a cute boy)?

We also managed to get a GREAT family photo on the beach – it may just end up as our Christmas card next year.

Daisy loved the beach again…but she did test Andrew’s strength a bit…

And she LOVED the water and sand this time – she kept digging holes and burying her nose in it (can it feel good to have tiny stones in your nostrils?)…

With her eyes and ears, she looks like some sort of a mad dog in that photo! But she was having fun.

I’m not counting CigarFest ’07 as an official camping trip since it wasn’t the whole family.  We’re back from our first camping trip of the season! We went to Beachcomber’s Resort in Cape May, NJ this weekend and had a wonderful time.

This was Daisy’s first camping trip and she was great – just like an old pro! She slept in her crate inside the camper at night and adjusted very well to her new surroundings. She did not, however, like being tied up on the lead very much and tried her best to chew through it when no one was watching. Sorry, Daisy – that’s not happening! There’s a steel cable inside…

We went to Cape May Point (one of the few spots where dogs are allowed on the beach) and let the kids hunt for Cape May diamonds while Daisy dug in the sand to her heart’s content.

I was surprised that Daisy didn’t immediately jump in the water – she seems to like water so much (she even tries to jump inside the bathtub with Emily!). But she was VERY cautious and ran from the waves whenever they rolled in. Mike was determined to get her in the water, but she never went in past her little ankles.

That’s the famous sunken concrete ship in the background (for those not from this area).

What a gorgeous day! And Daisy was quite the little center of attention everywhere we went. Everyone stopped to pet her and wanted to know what kind of dog she was. I went into one store for a few minutes and came out to find Mike surrounded by a dozen admirers – of Daisy, not Mike, unfortunately for him.

But I did tell my husband that if, God forbid, he ever found himself single again, he could sure use Daisy to meet women!

I also managed to fit in some stops to a few antique shops while we were in Cape May. I found it so hard to justify paying ‘antique prices’ for items that I knew I could probably find at a yard sale for less than $5.

But I did make one purchase – a unique vintage sewing cabinet.

I thought this would be so cool to organize my punches, embellishments and rolls of thread.  It has little clear jars and lots of little pockets too.   Best of all, it folds flat for storage:

Only $25 – not bad for something not only pretty, but useful too.

Hope you have a happy day!