July 7 — July 14, 2007

What was supposed to be a week away for everyone turned into a week of vacation for Kathy and the kids and an odd work week for me. Due to my recent change in jobs (becoming an FAA employee), we had to make some modifications to our summer vacation schedule. This included me working during our week of vacation at Big Timber Lake. Not as relaxing for me, but Kathy and the kids had a grand time.

We got there on the 7th and setup. Kathy’s parents spent Sunday night with us at the campground and all enjoyed the lake and our wonderful lakefront site:

Matt was quick to show off his new swimming skills thanks to his recent swimming lessons:

The site was just perfect, right next to the lake. It also served as “Daisy Central”. Daisy was very excited to be not only the center of attention from the Torrences, due to the central location of the campsite, she was the center of attention for all beach-goers. Her modus operandi was to lay low looking adorable:

then, as soon as someone was approaching, she sprung to life making sure eye contact was made…

She would then proceed to maul passers buy with affection and cuteness. She had international admirers as well. There was a significant contingent of Quebecians (is that even a word?) and they were Daisy’s biggest admirers. There were pictures taken with Daisy, there was a summoning of a fiancee by one of the BTL staff, and there was general dog worship. Her head is now twice the size as when we got to BTL.

Kathy got to finish a few books and the kids got plenty of water time in. Heck, I was even able to get some relaxation in on Saturday (my only whole day off while we were there).

The kids loved playing in the sand and Emily has a new “Sand Angel” hobby. She will always be our Sand Angel.

There… Kathy, that was a completely original camping blog entry… ILY