August 24 — 26, 2007

A quick trip to Lake-in-Wood in Lancaster County Pennsylvania was a nice little retreat. We shortened the outing to just two nights due to my new job and it was only Matt, Emily, Me and Bella (not even our own dog) due to Daisy’s surgery.  Daisy was fixed the Monday before our trip and we were scheduled to puppy sit for the Meehan’s as well.  There was no way that Daisy and Bella could be together, as Daisy would never calm down and we weren’t able to get our deposit back, so it was a skeleton crew for this trip.  Here’s Daisy with her “party hat” after the surgery:

The best thing about Lake-in-Wood campground was the kiddie pool:

The kiddie pool was at 70 degrees and the big pool was a chilly 64.  Oddly enough, it felt quite nice in the 95 degree heat.  It was so hot, Matt didn’t even want to play miniature golf — now that’s hot.

We liked it enough to schedule 3 weekends there at the end of September through the middle of October.  They say that their indoor pool is open on the weekends… it ought to be quite nice.   On a side note, puppy-sitting Bella has convinced me that it would be worthwhile getting another puppy.  More on that later.

August 15 — 18, 2007

We spent 4 days (3 nights) in Ocean City, MD at Frontier Town.  Frontier Town is one of our favorite campgrounds.  The campground is right on the bay in Ocean City and they have their own waterpark (which is free for campers).  Emily really enjoyed the water park:

The campground has a really nice pier area sticking out on the bay.  We tried a little fishing — don’t tell the kids that our gear is for stream or pond fishing, not bay or sea fishing.  There was no possibility of catching anything, but it was fun trying.

Daisy was having a tough time in the wind as well…

Another great thing about the campground is that it is just a couple miles from Assateague, MD.  Assateague is an island with wild ponies and beaches… Emily was in heaven.  We came across a few ponies on the way to the beach.

Daisy was barking like never before at the wild ponies… she didn’t look so daunting after spending some time at the beach though…

After playing for 5 hours on the beach, she didn’t even notice the pony in the parking lot.

We’re headed back next year for 6 nights!  It will be our big trip… we all can’t wait.

8/2/07 through 8/5/07

We had a wonderful trip to Knoebel’s this weekend. We drove up Thursday during the day and setup camp. It was 95 degrees when we arrived and that did limit what we did somewhat. Thursday evening, we went over to the park with Daisy and got the tickets and rode some rides.

Emily was excited about going on the log flume (after we had to convince her NOT to go on the Phoenix roller coaster)… and she freaked out before the main drop.

Of course, Daisy was the hit of the weekend… it’s like traveling with Tom Cruise. Here she is trying to pull in the admirers:

Andrew and I went on all the coasters (numerous times) and we had a blast on Friday (until I went on the Fandango). I was dizzy for a day after going on that thing. Emily enjoyed her rides…

Kathy, Emily and Matt went to the pool and water park on Friday and we all went on rides Friday night. Saturday, we spent the morning and early afternoon all at the pool. Matt actually went down the water slide… TWICE! No other rides for Matt, but Andrew and Emily made up for him.

Here we all are at the main park entrance…

We’ve decided that we will have a Blog for Daisy. You can check it out at it will be going up soon… it will document the adventures of Daisy the superstar.