September 28 — 30, 2007

The first of three consecutive weekends at Lake-in-Woods was a clear and cool fall retreat.  It was Geddy’s first camping trip and I believe we discovered that he gets car sick.  As we were driving around Geddy was experiencing uncontrollable drooling (poor pup).  We’re going to try to keep him in the front of the car next weekend when we head up there.

The site we are staying in at LIW is really nice, it’s somehwat secluded, but right accross from a big open field.  We tried going to the Ephrata Fair on Saturday; however, they do not appear to be pet friendly — they weren’t welcoming of us with the puppies.  We decided to head up to Middle Creek instead for a hike in the woods.

Matt is quite the hiker and he lead us through the conservation trail.  Geddy and Daisy loved it as well.  Geddy would venture out, but he was sure to turn around every 5 steps or so to make sure he could still see Daisy.  They seem to be developing quite the co-dependent relationship.