October 12 — 14, 2007

A much cooler weekend at Lake-in-Wood, our final of 4 weekends, we relaxed, enjoyed the campground and had a filling dinner at Shady Maple.  The campground was all decked out for Christmas (since they aren’t open for Christmas).

Christmas decorations Golf courseChristmas in October 

We also went for a walk around the lake (I can’t believe we hadn’t done that one of the previous weekends) and discovered the shipwreck cabin — kind of cool setup.

Shipwreck cabin-2

Emily and Matt also stopped for one last pose at the Gnome Cafe.

Gnome Emily Gnome Matt

October 5 — 8, 2007

The holiday weekend at Lake-in-Wood was unseasonably warm (mid 80s every day).  It cooled down at night, but it was amazingly warm each day.  Kathy spent the weekend very sick — thankfully the kids were OK.  We ended up just enjoying the campground.  Our site is right by Brotherhood Circle, so there is plenty of room to play.

We took the puppies on many walks and played soccer and football in the circle.

The walks and socialization is working with Geddy, he’s finally learning some tricks!  Here is Geddy sitting and down.