I took the kids up to the camper this weekend to give Kathy some room to put up the Christmas decorations.  We hit the pool on Saturday and just climbed around the rocks and the campground on Sunday morning before heading home.  Traffic was good so we got up there (and back) in just over 2 hours.

When we got home, we enjoyed all of the work Kathy put into getting the house decorated for the holidays!  She even had the tree up.

November 9 — 11

A bit of a cold weekend (started off wet as well), but we were still able to have a pleasant getaway for the weekend.  The trip up to the Poconos was long!  It ended up taking us a little over 4 hours to get there due to horrible traffic and all we were able to do Friday night was sleep.

We awoke Saturday to rain, so we took advantage of the indoor pool (after Andrew throwing a fit about swimming in the winter).  A warm fire Saturday night gave us time to unwind.

Sunday we headed up to Bushkill Falls to do a hike.  Emily was whining that she wanted to do the red trail — luckily, we didn’t listen to her as she started to complain about her legs hurting half way through the yellow trail.  The dogs enjoyed it as well.  Geddy refused to go down the steps first, he would only go down following Daisy.  I was able to keep them from pulling me down the steps.

Pennell fallsMore stairs! On the bridge over the falls-2  Dogs drinking Mike and Kathy by the falls By Pennell Falls

November 2-4, 2007

We decided to get a site at Otter Lake for the winter.  Otter Lake was one of our favorite campgrounds — we spent 3 weekends there this past spring — and they were offering a good deal on a winter site.  We’re not really cold-weather folks, but we love camping so much and the campground keeps the indoor pool open year round (on weekends) we figured why not give it a try.

Our site is big and pretty well positioned right near the pool and heated bathhouse.

From our site to the indoor pool

From our site to the field and lake

The kids are going to like the location as well, we are right next to a big climbing rock.

Climbing rock

The dogs were excited about camping as well.

Setting At Otter Lake

We are headed up there again this coming weekend for some hiking and general relaxation.  We want to get to Hickory Run State Park soon (probably Thanksgiving Weekend) — this weekend we hope to hit Bushkill Falls.