After Matthew’s basketball on Saturday, I decided to take both Emily and Matthew to the camper for the weekend.  We needed a quick getaway but Kathy had a bunch of things going on at church.  We got up to the camper by 2:30 in the afternoon and I quickly discovered a problem.  Apparently, Kathy placed a 12 pack of soda in the cabinets without me knowing… it’s great that we have soda available; however, soda doesn’t do so well when it is frigid.  Two of the cans exploded in the cabinets when they froze and then they thawed out all over the camper cabinets and countertop.  It took me almost two hours to clean the mess up.

I then took the kids to the pool for about an hour (although Matt refused to swim for some reason).  Emily had a good time.  We then just relaxed and played some games until it was their bedtime.

Sunday morning the kids took advantage of the warmer than usual weather and went out and played on the rocks all morning.  I got play-by-play notification of everything they were doing because I gave Matt a walkie talkie… he really likes to talk :).

We are ready to go for next weekend — they are supposed to have some snow this week, so the kids should get a chance to sled a little.