Cape May, NJ — 5/23 through 5/26

We booked the site very late, but ended up with a really nice site at Holly Shores campground right off Route 9 near Cape May, NJ.  I left work early on Friday to be sure we had time to get everything hooked up.  By the time the kids got off of school on Friday, we were all ready to go.

Geddy’s car troubles were a concern so we gave him some dog calming tablets.  By the time we got down there and took him out of the car, we noticed NO DROOL!  So either the tablets worked or he has officially outgrown his car troubles.

We got setup pretty early on Friday evening, so we had a nice dinner, the dogs played in the park and we had a fire.  Holly Shores campground has a really cool dog park in the back of the campground.  The dogs were able to play while being off their leash — quite a treat for them (and us).

Saturday morning we went to the pool.  Even though it was quite cool out the kids didn’t seem to mind.  After having lunch at the camper, we decided to head down to Sunset Beach.  Sunset Beach is our favorite because they are pet friendly year round.  The dogs don’t like the water, but they enjoyed watching everything on the beach and playing in the sand.


Daisy Geddy


Emily got a pony ride on Sunday as well… she was quite excited.


Sunday we decided to spend the afternoon at the beach again with the dogs.  We even saw another goldendoodle.  By the end of that trip to the beach, the dogs were “dog tired”.  Sunday night we hit the town — Washington Street Mall — for dinner and a little shopping.


It was a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, great weather, great camping.  It was a no drool weekend for Geddy!  He seems to have grown out of his car issues.