Elizabethtown KOA, Elizabethtown, PA

We headed up to Elizabethtown for a camping holiday weekend. As we drove up, the weather deteriorated quickly. By the time we got to the campground, it was raining steady and it’s been continuing through the night. We discovered that there is a leak in the shower, the dome must be cracked and it is something additional for HitchRV to take a look at. I need to try to schedule something next week for them to look at the tires and how they are wearing as well. I just hope that they will honor the servicing since it was sold under the Hitch-a-Rama moniker.

Like most KOAs, this campground was nice and small.  Everyone seemed friendly.  Lots of room to roam and the kids liked the pool and Emily really liked the playground.



Early in the morning on Saturday, Kathy opened up the vent in the bathroom and the vent cover snapped and cracked. We looked around and found out about a camping supply store in Highspire, just 20 minutes up the road. We loaded up and went there only to find them closed for the holiday weekend. I realized that I had to rig up a way to try and seal it for the weekend until I can get to the camper store next week. I have off on Wednesday, so I should be able to do it then.

We also stopped at the Saturday market… it was Kathy heaven. We had to cut it short due to the dogs barking at the campground, but we were able to pick up some whoopie pies and Hippies ring bologna.  Not sure what the dog issue was all about, they were fine when we got back.



When we got back, I headed up to the roof of the camper to try and seal up the leak. When I applied a little pressure to the tape, it cracked even more. The thing has gotten completely brittle at this point, I’m wondering if the same thing is happening to the shower — leading to the leak there.

The kids tried out the pool, but left after just 5 minutes or so due to the pool being too cold. After we were done with everything, we headed over to visit my dad and Nan. Nan, who turned 91 in June is doing pretty well, especially now that she is living with my dad. Nan gave Emily a bracelet that her mother gave her. That means it belonged to Emily’s Great Great Grandmother, what a special piece.

We just hung out close to the campground on Sunday. It was nice that the weather cooperated. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day and it got into the upper 80s. We made our way over to the horse shoe trail by the Conewago Creek for a walk in the morning. We walked a mile down the trail before turning around. The dogs loved it and the kids really didn’t whine too much.



Later in the day, after walking around the campground and on the trails in the woods, Kathy and the kids went on a hayride… well, actually, they went on two hayrides. The first one was a dry (normal) hayride. The second was something that they call the "wet" hayride. All participants are given squirt guns and they encounter "bandits" throughout the campground who are also sporting squirt devices. Kathy and the kids had a blast… but boy, were they soaked.