On Thursday we made the trek up to Dingman’s Falls. First we tried a quick off-road bike ride. The bike ride went OK, Kathy’s beach cruiser wasn’t really meant for off-roading and the hills we a little much for the littler ones. The falls were nice and easy to get to.

We took the whole bunch to Bushkill Falls to hike the red trail — the most challenging trail at the falls. Surprisingly, we all made it with little whining. We were a little concerned about Daisy at times, but she persevered.

Matt spent the afternoon fishing, he caught a decent sized bass at one point.

The day started out quite cloudy and wet, so we decided to make a trip to the local outlets. The weather is supposed to be nicer the rest of the week, so this should be a good opportunity. Kathy and Andrew were able to get some clothes (as was I). We went to Barley Creek brewery for lunch and a quick micro-brewery tour. Kathy discovered that this is a good lunch break for shopping with the whole family.

We tried to have a fire Monday night with no luck, the wood was too wet.

We checked in for our week-long trip to the Poconos. It was raining pretty steady when we checked in and it is continuing into the evening. We’re just going to take it easy tonight — as the temperature drops.