Well, our first night in the camper had its moments. Matt ended up falling out of his bunk bed. He never really woke up, but he did hit the ground quite hard. No injuries and he did end up sleeping through the night. I was also difficult for the little ones to get to sleep. They were all so wired. Matt dropped out around 9:45 but Emily ended up staying up until after 10:00.

Matt and Emily also got baths in the camper. It wasn’t bad for Emily; however, Matt is far too big to be getting a bath in that little tub. I let him know that he is in shower land from now on. We all had showers in the morning and it went quite well. The hot water seems to last for long enough. Not sure what we are going to be able to do today since it is going to rain all day (or at least off and on).

June 23 — 26

The maiden voyage of the camping Torrences is this weekend. I’m actually posting from our first campground. We wanted to be sure that the initial voyage wasn’t too far from home, so we arranged to go to Ocean View Resort in Ocean View, New Jersey. It’s down close to work, kind of close to Sea Isle City.

Connecting up this morning wasn’t too much of a hassle, it was difficult getting everything to line up myself. I was OK on the left/right alignment, but it was very difficult to get the depth right. With a little help from Tony, all was well; however. The kids were very excited and Kathy has really done a top-notch job getting everything setup. 

One thing I did notice pulling out was that there was more “v” than when we brought the camper home. I’m not sure if that’s just because of the loaded weight of the camper and that we are storing some stuff in the front compartment and under the bed, or what. The drive down wasn’t bad, I just had some issues navigating slow drivers on Route 55. It is extremely difficult to judge the depth, I may even consider having the mirror extention on the passenger side for the way home. We got here OK, though.

Upon arrival, we were surprised that they had issues finding our reservation in the system. Apparently, since the reservation was taken over the phone, they really butchered our last name, but Kathy had the confirmation number.

We are down by the lake in a pretty nice spot. It was a little difficult getting into the spot for the first time. There were some key trees that needed to be navigated and Kathy wasn’t really comfortable giving the necessary directions. There was a guy that came by to help though and he got me into the spot. From there, I was able to navigate around pretty well.

I had quite a time unhooking the camper from the truck, it didn’t want to let go. After a couple of tries, it fell out and we were on our way. However, I did have to park away from the sewer pretty far and the line that was provided by Hitcharama did not reach, so I had to drop close to $30 bucks on a new sewer line. I’ll keep the other one clean so that it can be used in an emergency. We got all hooked up and ready to go without much hassle. We did forget to turn on the water heater, so there were some issues there when we went to get some hot water; but eventually all was well.

So now, here I am typing a way a synopsis of our first day camping. The kids are having fun, they are enjoying the lake and we had quite a nice little walk through the campground. Maggie is beside herself, she didn’t sleep at all on the way down and then she was up the whole afternoon… she seems happy, though. Maybe she’ll sleep all week long. We’re going to try to take it easy again tomorrow, nothing too special planned. I’m sure the kids will want to go to the lake if the weather is nice and we can take Matt miniature golfing; which I’m sure he’ll love.